A company wants to expand its customer base to a wider audience.

Contact Data Building/Profiling

Target the right contacts for better results

Identifying the right contacts in your target market has typically been both costly and time consuming. While there are many sources for direct marketing data available, most prove to be low-quality, overused, or outdated. Purchasing tons of unverified contacts from data resellers, renting contact lists from list brokers, or exchanging contacts from business directories are generally ineffective - resulting in wasted time and resources following up on bad data.

Another alternative is to build a small, custom contact list from the ground up by engaging a specialized telemarketing agency with a high hourly rate. But this method is time-consuming and very expensive – resulting in a high cost per contact and a low ROI on the investment.

JOVENINDO offers the best of both worlds, enabling you to develop a world-class, customized B2B contact list that’s both large enough to drive your sales and marketing campaigns and highly cost effective.

Working with JOVENINDO, sales and marketing professionals now have the ability to rapidly and cost effectively build high quality, role-based, custom prospect databases - eliminating time and money wasted on low quality purchased contact lists - and resulting in a higher ROI on their investment.

JOVENINDO Contact Data Discovery has several key advantages over both list brokers and traditional telemarketing agencies:

  • Current, Accurate Data - We use an experienced research team, and original research methods to identify the contacts that meet your exact specifications. The data is not compiled and resold to you. Each contact list is built at the time you order it, ensuring the data is current and accurate.
  • Unlimited Use - Unlike rented lists, the contact list of JOVENINDO Data Discovery is delivered to you for your unlimited use. The list becomes an input to your lead nurturing campaigns and ongoing sales activities, maximizing your investment.
  • Low Risk - JOVENINDO Contact Data Discovery uses pay-for-performance pricing, so you pay a reasonable, fixed price for each contact. With JOVENINDO Contact Discovery you can be sure that you reach out to the right decision maker every time - at one of the lowest costs in the industry.

How does it work?

We begin by assigning you an experienced account manager who works with you during the entire project to ensure your exact requirements are met. We enables you to define your exact "best prospect" account using select criteria such as geography, industry verticals, SIC codes, or company size. You also have the option of providing your own list of named accounts for us to research. You then define the right decision makers within each prospect account by job title description, role, or area of responsibility. JOVENINDO delivers a high quality, cost effective contact database that meets your exact requirements.

Lead Qualifying

Marketing have done lots of demand generation and lead generation activities such as event, online marketing campaign, SEO, etc, but the results aren’t as they are expecting. There are lots of ‘leads’ parked in CRM system with no action from the ales team as they are ‘too row’ to be accepted by sales team. JOVENINDO helps you to identify, re-qualify and enrich the leads generated by marketing team become actionable opportunity which ready to be handed over to sales.

Lead qualification quickly turns your inquiries into "sales ready" leads

Our research shows the number one desire for sales people is more selling time with sales-ready opportunities. The lead qualification process is essential to any lead generation effort regardless of the particular tactics being used to generate interest. In fact, lead qualification is the only way to separate inquiries from sales ready leads.

We can help you get the most value from your inquiries because our response time is quick. Every lead is followed up on, automatically and thoroughly, making your campaign/event ROI easier to measure. Your inquiries and leads are time sensitive and perishable.

Let us do lead qualification on your marketing inquires such as:

  • Website inquiries
  • Events (Tradeshows, Webcasts)
  • White paper/case study downloads
  • Demo downloads
  • Online referral sources
  • Inbound calls, etc

We will contact prospects for you to guarantee that the appropriate follow-up has taken place. We will qualify all parties based on the "must have" criteria that your sales team needs to know before they invest their valuable selling time. Deciding when a lead is "sales-ready" should be based on a universal lead definition between your marketing and sales.

With JOVENINDO doing lead qualification you will:

  • Respond faster and more consistently to your future customers
  • Prioritize and score more sales ready leads and opportunities
  • Identify the right decision-makers in the buying process
  • Build a marketing database of opt-in leads for lead nurturing
  • Focus your sales team’s selling time on highly qualified leads

Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing helps you get more sales ready leads by staying engaged with relevant content and timely conversations

It's about relationships. Our research shows that early-stage leads often lost, ignored or discarded by sales people represent 40 to 70 percent of potential sales. If you don't have a well-defined process to nurture your early stage leads and build relationships before the buying process you're actually missing out and wasting your future opportunities.

With JOVENINDO lead nurturing process you will stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until leads are ready to talk to your sales team. We take a multi-touch approach that includes meaningful phone calls, timely e-mails to share your relevant content (articles, white papers, success stories, webinars, podcasts, etc.), build your opt-in database and keep your prospects informed and interested.

With JOVENINDO doing your lead nurturing you'll have:

  • Deeper conversations that build trust
  • More qualified, sales-ready leads calling you
  • Faster and stronger sales pipelines
  • Better lead to win ratios

JOVENINDO has a proven track record of executing consistent, efficient and productive lead nurturing programs that optimize your lead generation process to generate more sales ready leads.

Lead Nurturing Services

  • Lead re-engagement
  • Automated e-mail nurturing
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Educational content development

Market Research

Marketing Research & Surveys

Market research surveys are the most effective method for gathering any sort of market information. When you need to know what companies want to purchase, why they want to purchase it, what price they will purchase at, and how they approach their buying decisions, you need to conduct trustworthy market research. Effective market research and surveys will help your company gather information from a small sample of a market in order to have a better chance of understanding and predicting what the whole market wants.

As part of our B2B lead generation services, JOVENINDO also offers extensive market research. We help our clients ask the right questions to identify and define market opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and to gauge overall customer satisfaction.

We create hundreds of comprehensive market research and survey reports for our clients who rely upon our analytical perspective to help them make strategic decisions about their B2B marketing and lead generation efforts.

Our market research services can be geared toward any of the following objectives:

  • New product development: Before you invest a significant amount of money in developing, manufacturing or rolling out a new product or service, you need to assess how much of a market exists for that product. Our market research services can help your product/service development team get objective feedback and independent analysis of your new market opportunities so you can make better-informed decisions.
  • Customer satisfaction analysis: Find out what your customers really think – and make adjustments to your products/services based on real-life reporting from the people who matter most to your business. Our customer satisfaction reporting goes beyond “comment cards” and simple responses. We’ll help pinpoint the exact root causes and motivating factors that affect your customer experience, and help you get on to the next step of improving your products and strengthening your customer relationships.
  • Survey reporting: If you have a regular survey program in place, whether it’s a customer satisfaction annual survey, market analysis surveys or competitive analysis surveys, our market research and survey reporting services can help you generate more specific and accurate analysis and understanding of the business-critical data that affects your company’s potential and performance.

Marketing Research

Integrated marketing research is essential to escalate your business perspective while innovative business plan serves as a road map to business success.

JOVENINDO Marketing research provides systematic identification, collection and analysis and dissemination of information for the purpose of assisting management in decision making related to the identification and solution of problems and opportunities in marketing.

We conduct qualitative marketing research i.e. Focus Groups, in-depth interviews and quantitative marketing research which includes surveys, questionnaires, etc, other techniques to judge the customer behavior.

Business Data Services

JOVENINDO is a results-driven database marketing company that specializes in targeted mailing lists, customer insight and marketing analysis.

What we do:

  • Designs and delivers lead generation, marketing and data planning strategies for business.
  • Support marketing professionals with a comprehensive range of marketing data services that provide our clients with the knowledge and expertise to help them make informed decisions about their customers, prospects and lead generation marketing strategies
  • Help our customer to make sense of your marketing data and mailing list requirements and unravel some of the mystery of business data, lead generation mailing lists and database marketing.

The wealth of business data within our database has been tried and tested across many verticals to underpin solid marketing strategies and the unparalleled, one-to-one service offered by our data services team ensures that you get the right data for your campaigns, no matter which channel you decide to use. From direct mail to telemarketing and email marketing, it allows you to target customers with greater accuracy than any other. It also contains more information on more workplaces than any other database available to ensure maximum coverage for lead generation.

We provide trustworthy up-to-date data for you to easily:

  • Target New Customers
  • Identify Key Decision Makers
  • Develop Targeted Sales Leads
  • Increase Sales & Your Market Share
  • Gain Maximum Coverage For Lead Generation