Marketing Campaign


We assist clients in developing communications and promotional strategies.

Campaign Strategy

JOVENINDO provides comprehensive end-to-end marketing; include media such as direct mail; telemarketing; email; trade shows; online media; traditional media and publicity services to enhance economic development initiatives. We assist clients in developing communications and promotional strategies that integrate with current efforts, maximize budgets, target specific audiences and enhance outreach, generate and nurture leads and they are the catalyst that generates sales activity and customers, increasing the Marketing Qualified lead (MQL) which accepted by sales, to achieve the marketing contribution to sales revenue.

Our key to campaign success is planning: Quantify client’s revenue and their customer goals, generate campaign ideas and strategies, target the audience, deliver one or two key messages and a call-to-action, create tools, and plan the execution & measurement criteria.

JOVENINDO Marketing Campaign Strategy:

  • Deliver results-driven statewide marketing campaigns
  • Develop and execute marketing strategies
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis, market research and results-based metrics
  • Produce highly creative, cohesive branding and tactics
  • Coordinate events and web-based promotions, and telesales engagement


Many B2B companies are sales-driven organizations.  Since Sales can do only so much each day, our effective marketing campaigns provide the leverage a company needs to accelerate growth.

With combined 12 years experiences in Sales & Marketing Services, JOVENINDO well-planned and well-executed campaigns make our clients are able to:

  • Generate more leads to convert to customers
  • Make sales reps more efficient and effective
  • Grow their brand faster
  • Build a revenue-generating infrastructure that’s not dependent on a few key sales reps

Aligning Sales And Marketing Goals

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial to organizational success. Defining common terms, identifying necessary processes, and discussing best practices are key to getting both departments on the same page.

We help your team in aligning Sales and marketing goals by assisting your team in planning the campaign tactic which in line to sales goal.

JOVENINDO Sales and Marketing organizations adapt to today’s rapidly changing, on-demand business environment to maximize every opportunity initiated by marketing and taken by sales. Utilizing operational efficiencies to maximize prospect engagement and profitability requires ongoing attention to the processes, and technologies that assure the highest degree of alignment throughout the marketing and sales cycle. To this end, a well-defined map of workflows, including a wide variety of automation tools and solutions are being deployed by companies’ sales and marketing groups to ensure collaboration, increase lead and conversion, and measure marketing’s contribution to the business.

Campaign Execution

One of the cornerstones of a successful marketing campaign is its ability to align sales and marketing to deliver more qualified leads, and also track and measure the cost of those acquired. Despite its crucial importance, many businesses still admit to not practicing sales and marketing alignment. Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment grew their annual revenue Aligning your sales and marketing teams is paramount in your ability to generate more high-quality, sales ready leads.

We encourage our customer to become aware of the ROI of each marketing activity they are carrying out.

JOVENINDO unifying sales and marketing into four steps :

  • Set up closed-loop reporting – All of your marketing initiatives have a cost. Each blog posts, e-book, and page your eventual customers visit had a cost to produce. In order to ensure you’re executing a profitable campaign, it’s critical to identify the cost-per leads in order to more effectively allocate your resources.
  • Define quality lead – In order for the sales team to close more sales, they need more qualified leads. In order for marketing to create the content necessary to generate qualified leads, they need to know what these leads are interested in. Both teams should be involved in the definition of qualified leads and your company buyer personas.
  • Define levels of your sales funnel – It’s important for both the marketing and sales teams to fully understand the levels of the company sales funnel, and the marketing and sales initiatives that should follow.
  • Implement lead scoring – Your sales team should be marking all leads as either qualified, or unqualified in your CRM. Doing so gives the entire sales team an agenda moving forward on what leads to move on.

Ensuring sales and marketing alignment will give your marketing team a more targeted direction and deliver more high-quality leads to your sales team. After all, the last thing you want is your sales team wasting their time on the phone with unqualified leads.