Event Management


We offered to client individually or as complete Total Event Management Solution.

JOVENINDO Event Management Services will be offered to client individually or as complete Total Event Management Solution. We have successfully offered these services to our client , and our team of experts has specialized in all these areas.

We understand your budget limitations and your high expectations. We strive to deliver the best pricing and contract terms around, and we cover each detail, from vent sales, marketing, advertising and public relations to sound and video. No matter what special event you envision, JOVENINDO Event Management Team will deliver. Whether you are planning to launch anew product/new solution, want expand your business contacts or would like to organize a treat for your hardworking employees, we at JOVENINDO Event Management can do it for you.

Database Target Segmentation

JOVENINDO provides targeted databases which will be invited to the event. We can help you to leverage your audience which meet to your need (targeted contact level, designation, on the right solution, for specific industry). Updated database is the key to the event outcome successes. Combining with high-tech digital marketing tactic, our dedicated telemarketing keep our databases updated.


We work hard to devise new and exciting events that motivate, unite and inspire. From the destination to the venue; from the theme to the timetable; from the lighting, production and special effects; we create imaginative events that get our clients’ message across.

Social activities before and after events can reinforce messages, creating loyalty and a truly lasting impression. We use careful planning and innovative ideas to ensure that all our events are highly productive and contribute to our clients’ return on investment.

We also manage all creative and technical applications including graphics, presentations, video production, sound, lighting, video projection, webcasting, music and all other electrical equipment.

Vendor Management

Our Vendor management is not only telling suppliers what to do, or trying to bring down costs. We create a solid relationship with them and integrate all those different suppliers/vendors/event sponsors into a project. After all, they play a vital part in making sure your event done successfully.

What we do:

  • Monitor the key performance indicators and the service level agreements that are initially set up along with the terms and conditions and rates
  • Establish those lines of communication early on in the process to make sure there’s no overlap or duplication of work
  • Consolidate all the reporting back to you in one, easy to digest document.

Event RSVP (Telesales event follow up and online event registration)

Event registration needs to be simple, accurate and hassle-free...for you and your guests. That's why a sophisticated online event registration and attendee management system forms a crucial part of the overall event organization process. However, in our traditional segmented market, we still need the touch of a telesales RSVP to encourage the targeted invitees to show up to the event.

JOVENINDO combining online registration and telemarketing RSVP to get the best result for our customers.

Our convenient and secure web-based registration system streamlines the process for you and your guests. Furthermore, this centralized online system allows you to track attendee registrations accurately.

Benefits of our online event registration and attendee management solution include:

  • Save time and money thanks to attendee self-registration
  • 24/7 access for you and your guests
  • Ensures accurate guest numbers
  • Stores attendee details for confirmations, invoicing (if any) and post-event communication

Event Floor Management

JOVENINDO offers a full range of event coordination, planning and support services to assist you in organizing your event, including registrations, communication material and venue selection.

A dedicated Event Planner works with you to clarify your objectives, develop timelines and budgets, and help organize all the individual details, meaning you and your staff can concentrate on other important issues.

Our event coordination, planning and support services can help you with:

  • Program and itinerary development
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Venue selection and booking
  • Accommodation and travel bookings
  • Entertainment
  • Audio-visual and technical support
  • Attendee database management including online registrations and payments
  • Development of marketing and communication collateral

End-to-end Event Sponsorship Management

Matching the right sponsors to your event can bring significant business benefits such as financial backing, brand exposure and securing long-term partnerships

JOVENINDO is experienced at event sponsorship management, including sourcing and negotiating sponsorship opportunities for a range of corporate events in Indonesia.

We Offer a full event sponsorship Management Services for your corporate event, which include:

  • Sourcing sponsors
  • Contract negotiation
  • Signage requirements
  • Development of communication material
  • On-site corporate hospitality
  • Marketing campaigns across multiple channels to leverage the sponsorship
  • Post-event ROI evaluation