Facing Off Against COVID-19: Battling the Impact of the Pandemic for Indonesia’s Future Socioeconomic Survivability

05 November, 2020 by SAS

Jakarta - Webinar - IDC’s survey found that 55.8% of Asia Pacific public sector organizations expect a slow and difficult recovery rate, post-COVID-19. Indonesia has doubled its originally plan stimulus funding to Rp 677.2 trillion (US$47.6 billion), announced in June 2020. Much of the spending will be focused on strengthening the domestic healthcare system, more direct spending on social protection to boost domestic consumption, and incentives to rescue local businesses from bankruptcy and workforce layoffs. COVID-19 has dramatically altered and accelerated the digital landscape for many ASEAN governments. Heightened IT strategies and deployment best practices are at the forefront of government leaders' attention, with increased importance on LOB IT outcomes, multiple digitalinitiatives that span various stakeholders across and outside the agency, and programs and services that need to engage and effectively meeting more personalized constituent needs. In this webinar, our speakers explainwhat the main transformational trends organizations should focus and address in Indonesia.