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Appoinment Setting

One of JOVENINDO areas of expertise is appointment setting services. We create customized appointment setting solutions for our clients to enhance their existing B2B lead generation efforts, driving increased conversion rates and helping close more deals.

Our clients have chosen us for their appointment setting services efforts for our focused, efficient, thorough, detail-oriented B2B lead generation and appointment setting services that create stronger connections between sales people and qualified business leads. Our team is staffed with experienced, business-savvy, battle-tested professional appointment setters and sales agents. Our sole focus is exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are constantly thinking and planning and strategizing about how to harness the power of our lead generation services and appointment setting programs to generate bigger, faster sales results.

JOVENINDO appointment setting services advantage:

  • Our Targeted B2B appointment setting efforts in many categories: We deliver customized appointment setting services and targeted lead generation for companies of various sizes, product categories and marketing objectives.
  • We focused on B2B lead generation and appointment setting: Our Major Account sales appointment setting services are targeted to clients whose primary focus is selling “complex” B2B products and/or services. These types of sales are usually involve:
    • Decision makers at the Owner, Director, VP or C level of contact.
    • A “solution sell process” with business leads where the prospects have a specific problem that needs to be solved.
    • Multiple sales calls to multiple contact source over a period of time prior to closing.
  • We speak the language of selling: Our roots are in the B2B lead generation and sales management industry, and that means our lead generation and appointment setting services are developed “by” sales people “for” sales people. This means we understand the language of selling and have the know-how to craft your message and then professionally deliver it to your audience, turning business leads into highly qualified prospects, leading to better conversion rates and bigger sales results.

How our B2B appointment setting service can help grow your sales pipeline?
JOVENINDO is your strategic partner in delivering on your sales plan. We have more than 12 years experiences in the business of executive level, B2B appointments setting and lead generation. Specializing in complex IT product and service offerings targeted at VP and C-level executives, we deliver results with speed, cost effectiveness and measurable ROI.


Your business challenge

     Our Solution

  • To create a competitive line of attack that increases market awareness and ultimately drives revenue growth

  • We work to expand your sales pipeline through our lead generation and B2B appointment setting service. Every appointment we book will be pre-qualified to offer the greatest sales potential for your company
  • To expand your sales pipeline and increase your   sales conversion rate through a proactive business development strategy
  • Our conversational style is based on a deep understanding of the unique selling proposition of each client
  • To implement a consistent, sustained approach to B2B appointment setting and outsourced B2B lead generation
  • We create a seamless transition between the client’s sales team and our business development professionals by operating in transparency under the banner of our client
  • To improve sales force productivity, efficiency and motivation
  • Clear concise reporting provides clients with an up-to-date account of our conversations and subsequent actions for import into your CRM

Why use JOVENINDO for your B2B appointment setting requirements?

The ability to identify, create customer need and execute on an opportunity where one seemingly did not exist is the very essence of what we do and what JOVENINDO is all about. We have experienced team of dedicated Indonesia based telesales lead generation agents and appointment setters who will represent your company with competence, cultural fluency and category-specific expertise
If you are looking for a reliable business development strategy designed to grow your sales pipeline, then JOVENINDO can be a trusted and innovative partner in outsourcing all or, part of your executive level B2B appointment setting requirements.

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