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Campaign Strategy

JOVENINDO provides comprehensive end-to-end marketing; include media such as direct mail; telemarketing; email; trade shows; online media; traditional media and publicity services to enhance economic development initiatives.  We assist clients in developing communications and promotional strategies that integrate with current efforts, maximize budgets, target specific audiences and enhance outreach. more...

Aligning Sales & Marketing Goals

Sales and marketing alignment is crucial to organizational success. Defining common terms, identifying necessary processes, and discussing best practices are key to getting both departments on the same page.

We help your team in aligning Sales and marketing goals by assisting your team in planning the campaign tactic which in line to sales goal. more...

Campaign Execution

One of the cornerstones of a successful marketing campaign is its ability to align sales and marketing to deliver more qualified leads, and also track and measure the cost of those acquired. Despite its crucial importance, many businesses still admit to not practicing sales and marketing alignment. more...

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