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Contact Discovery

Connecting to potential customers through telesales campaigns or event can be difficult, but get it right by using an up to date business data list and you could benefit from immediate sales and lasting customer relationships. Keeping fresh, well informed business telemarketing data allows you to reduce the costs of making unnecessary calls and you can even review or build your sales prospect list strategically, targeting only those customers who will be inter-ested in your services and willing to communicate over the phone
JOVENINDO does it. We help you to build targeted business data lists so you can direct your calls or send the event invitation to the right people. In some situations, it makes sense to license and import prospect lists, as well. If you are targeting relatively narrow industry verti-cals, or certain job titles, and especially if you experience long sales cycles, it may be wise to buy prospecting names for multiple use and import them into your database, rather than renting them serially for each prospecting campaign.
JOVENINDO will work with partner in defining and identifying the requirements list based on the criteria needed such as Geography, Vertical Industry, Job Title, Buying Entity, etc) .
We use the combination of data mining, primary and secondary research and also telemar-keting-follow up call to build a customized list. Our dedicated Tele-profiling staffs keep our B2B data list developed and updated. We will not count on auto- research method only therefore will be much more accurate and targeted!

Project deliverables

Customer Benefits

We Build a highly targeted list of
contacts for sales and marketing activities.

Customer will get:

3 tiers of contacts can be delivered:

  • 300 contacts
  • 500 contacts
  • 1000 contacts

Each record will contain:

  • Company name, mailing address, website, phone, fax,
  • Company Description
  • Contact information
    • First and Last Name
    • Job Title
    • Phone (direct dial whenever possible)
    • Email (whenever possible)
  • Parent company/enterprise link (whenever possible)
  • Employee size (whenever possi-ble)
  • customized, targeted contact
    list relevant to marketing and
    sales priorities
  • More accurate data list,
    gathering essential data by
    hand or, more accurately, by
    outbound phone (Tele-profiling),
    instead of based on the
    auto-research method only.
  • targeted accurate data list
    for multiple usages and import
    them into their database,
    rather than renting them
    serially for each prospecting
    campaign. If you are targeting
    relatively narrow industry
    verticals, or certain job titles
    based on their buying entities,
    and especially if you
    experience long sales cycles,
    purchase is very much
    worth it.

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